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Skincare Routines Education

We believe in intentional skincare routines composed of multi-functional products and simple routines, so you can nurture your skin and our planet at the same time.

Our goal is to help you understand what your skincare should be doing for you, so you can keep your skin healthy and save money in the long-term.

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introducing our approach to skincare

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Hair & Body Oil

Smoothing. Softening. Moisturizing.

Daily Antioxidant Serum

brightening. hydrating. protective.

Daily Hydrating Moisturizer

Soothe, Hydrate, and Repair your Natural Moisture Barrier

Shampoo & Conditioner bars for all hair types

your routine doesn’t need to be complicated

We are focused on creating products that work well for every skin type and that are as effective, gentle, and natural as possible.

We don’t believe that sulfates are necessary in our skin and hair care routines. Sulfate-free surfactants can do the job just as well on their own, and have been associated with less irritation

While used to make your products smell (and look) appealing, or mask any unwanted smells, we believe these ingredients aren’t going to be helping your skin, especially if you already experience skin sensitivity. Skincare products sit on your skin all day which leave more time for these artificial colors, fragrances, and essential oils to create irritation.

Note: Our Hair & Body Oil does contain juniper and sage essential oils for an aromatic, earthy desert scent. While these oils aren’t well known for causing irritation (like citrus oils, for example), they can still cause issues for those who are already prone to it. This product was designed to be used all over your hair and body, and can be used on the skin if you feel comfortable with it. As always, we follow IFRA guidelines on safe usage levels in our products that do contain natural fragrance or essential oils. We always recommend doing a patch test before fully applying!

Not all alcohols are created equally – our first reaction when we hear “alcohol” is something drying, like rubbing alcohol. However, some alcohols can be drying while others are moisturizing. We always choose the ones that are moisturizing. Check out our blog about the difference between “good” and “bad” alcohols

Some preservatives, such as parabens, phenoxyethanol and formaldehyde releasers, are known to be more irritating than others.

We still add preservatives to all of our water-based skin care products to protect them from contamination and ensure that they are safe to use. However, we opt for more natural options that won't be as harsh on the skin while still providing broad spectrum protection.

There are some ingredients that are known to clog your pores, and we’re conscious of steering clear of those in our skincare.

These ingredients aren’t inherently bad, just some that we believe that we should leave out so we can make our skin care products beneficial for all Earthlings.

Our skincare line was made with your skin’s pH levels in mind.

There is a barrier on the skin called the acid mantle – this is a slightly acidic film that acts as a barrier to bacteria, viruses, environmental pollutants, and other potential contaminants.

A healthy acid mantle is made up of lipids, including ceramides and free fatty acids, which help to maintain the optimal amount of healthy bacteria and flora for skin to remain balanced and protected.

Your facial skin’s acid mantle can have a pH between 4.5 and 6.2, depending on factors such as age, genetics, and climate. All of our skincare products have a pH within this range to support the natural function of your skin’s acid mantle. In some cases, it may be beneficial for a product to have a pH out of this range (an acid peel for instance would purposely have a lower pH to function the way it should).

Products that don’t contain water (balms, pure oils, etc) don’t necessarily have a pH level. pH is a measure of hydrogen in a water-based solution. If there’s no water present, there isn’t a pH to measure.

Want to know more? Check out our Ingredient Database